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"Impossible is for the unwilling."
- John Keats
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Furkan Taşdelen


I’ve led and been on many teams both in school and work. Together, we have created many success stories.

Public Speaking

I love being on stage; teaching, presenting, hosting feel very natural to me. I’ve been front of an audience since age 7.

Media Creation

I’m really good at Adobe software suite but there are still many to learn. I’m an amateur photographer, videographer and a designer.


Research is a habit for me, I feel the urge to look anything up if I don’t know it, I go deep down on studies and try to figure out from the base. That also really helps me to reason.

Education Background

Private Doğa Schools

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I’ve started high school at Doga, there we had TV and photography studios and I got a chance to learn professional photography and filmography. I’m still developing myself in those areas. Doga Schools also had a project called t-MBA (MBA for teenagers). We were expected to organize events, do business agreements, find sponsors etc. t-MBA also included subprogram called t-Mentor, I was elected as a t-Mentor, my duties were to teach my colleagues about technology in education, creating and implementing different ways to enhance classroom experience with tablets and smartboards. I also presented Doga Schools at BETT Show, London in 2013 and we won “Most Innovative School Award”.

After a year at Doga I’m transferred to Okyanus High Schools. Since I had the experiences on presentation, teamwork and managing projects. I was quickly noticed by my teachers to do projects with. I’ve quickly took role on ongoing projects and enabled our school to join more organizations finally to make our own. My first science project at Okyanus, were about converting waste chicken feathers to fuel. I’ve learned about importance of research and science ethics. I’ve won many national and international prizes with the projects I made. In addition, I’ve shot short films, presented many school events, did plays, organized and led an international student competition, debated, joined MUN conferences and pioneered the first student council and student magazine. I can proudly say that I had my finger on almost every school activity that is available. I gained so many skills that I still benefit to this day.

Private Okyanus Schools

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Istanbul University

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After graduating from high school, I’ve started studying Linguistcis in IU. I’ve joined IU Debate Club, shot and edited intoduction videos to other student clubs, designed magazines and became an assistant for Global Understanding Project. 
Global Understanding Project is for discussing cultural differences and figuring how general topics are approached by different nations. Discussions were made on video conference calls and matched students made presentations about differences in topics like, wedding, presidents etc. 
I’m one of the founder members at IU Linguistics Club as well. Created many visuals for our social media accounts and continued our events on live streams during pandemics. I want to continue my education on Linguistics to become a researcher. 

Work Experience

Ay-Pa (Trading Company)

Worked there for appraising my summer break, started by managing online sales platform (Gittigidiyor) and designing e-commerce website then carried to build a network infrastructure for mobile sales and supervision for imports from China.

Almila (Furniture Manufacturer)

First considered for local retail sales, after Almila discovered my abilites, I’ve started taking photos and shooting videos for social media and planning post times and advertisements. I was also helping for abroad sales. 

Butik Sultan’s (e-commerce)

Butik Sultan’s is an initiative on personalized shoes, bags and accessories. I’ve created social media strategies on Instagram and Facebook. Designed and managed butiksultans.com

My job title required me to respond alarm and trouble signals on alarm tracking software by calling customers (outbound) also I am expected to welcome customers calling (inbound) for their techincal problems as I get to know more details about operation, I've started mentoring other agents. I’ve finished training by highest score in last 6 months. Kept my score high on every month. I've received WOW Service Award by catching thieves in action at a night shift which saved our customer thousands of Turkish Liras, the customer thanked us for days, the incident found place in news. I’m also elected for Fikir Küpü Committee. We developed ideas from other employees and mine to improve customer satisfaction and productivity. The ideas that I made possible made Pronet save 650 USD every month, reducing Team Leader errands, fixing a bug present since 1995 and making our products compatible with Mac computers. The first project I made (which is told not possible by IT Development) was to run real-time skill reports with one easy click which saved 15 minutes for team leaders and got me into Fikir Küpü Committee. I was told there were no other agent contributed to the company. 

Pronet Security

Alpenga (e-commerce)

Alpenga is an initiative on professional DJ equipments.
I’ve created visuals for alpenga.com managed social media accounts for a brief time. 

Teleperformance (Outsourcing)

I’ve worked in Netflix project as a Customer Interaction Specialist. 

Appen (Data Provider)

Worked there as a freelancer. Joined on various AI research projects to analyze and provide data.

ByteDance (Tiktok)

I’m currently working at TikTok as Community Content Specialist. My duty is to moderate videos posted by users depending on our policies. 

Software Skills

Microsoft Office

Highly proficient on Word, Excel, OneNote and Powerpoint

C# and Python

Entry level programming skills, still learning.

Avaya CMS  

Upper-intermediate level working capability.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Focused on Premiere Pro, Lightroom and Photoshop. Familiar with InDesign, Illustrator, After Effects and Muse.

Final Cut and Motion

Intermediate level of working capability.


Entry level skills, still learning.





Full Proficiency C2






Few of the works I’ve done. 

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